Adding an extra touch of color



Comments on: "Panty & Stocking – Episode 08" (8)

  1. dae-kun said:

    That’s a pretty awesome comic, there.

  2. Tetsu-nii said:

    Isn’t that a power-puff girls “homage”???? @o@

  3. Doppleganger said:

    Your all sinners! Repent! Cause Jesus loves you.

  4. “Bitchy Puff Girls” has such a nice ring to it.
    This comic must be quoted everywhere for undeniable truth.

  5. yacchin said:

    thanks for the release…nice comic

  6. yahoo…we finally getting some comments for this Pretty much,the whole staff had a hand in this particular episode in one form or another.It was kewl to see the team all chipping in.As always thank you guys for the support ^_^

  7. yacchin said:

    well, i’ve been using your release for pansto…
    keep up the good work (^o^)

  8. Yuumei said:

    This comic is amazing.

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