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We have moved.

With the new year coming and having successfully completed two series we moved to our own domain.
Visit our new domain at

ps: our batches will be posted there.

Happy New Year!


Panty & Stocking – Episode 13

Nuff Said.


The World God Only Knows – Episode 12

There goes the last episode of TWGOK for this season, hope you guys enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed working on the series.
TWGOK won’t be back until spring so for more Elsea/Haqua goodness we’ll have to wait half a year.
Anyway, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


A word from our sponsor staff
colormeKEVO:Thank you for the support guys, It really does help ^_^ This was the hardest show I have had the privilege to type set so far in my anime About 4 or 5 episodes in, Liaison started helping me by doing the preview part of the show. Really proud of my staff for all their hard work. Most of them are rookies that just kept getting better as the season progressed. We look forward to tackling it again in the spring ^_^
EienShouko: And the bad show finally ends. Chinese cartoons suck anyway, read the manga.
Alist1: Swift Death 2 Morons | Baka Soku Zan
Tetsu-nii: I only started editing with episode 8 but I hope my contributions have made some positive impact on the show and your enjoyment of it. XD
DarkKing:last week my boss almost caught me chatting on IRC and my normal life was about to end… so dont be idle… keep your senses active to avoid all threats to your Otaku life
Liaison: I just lurk.

Batch for this show is getting done, it has several fixes like the OP for the first 5 episodes etc.. So be on the lookout for that =)

Panty & Stocking – Episode 12

May I present you with this token?


The World God Only Knows – Episode 11

Reminds me of Flameheart in Ladies x Butlers.. I wonder why.. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌



Panty & Stocking – Episode 11

The KEVOman, spreading stinx in your chinese cartoons since 1938.



The World God Only Knows – Episode 10


Props to the staff for doing it again for the 10th week.
2 episodes to go =/