Adding an extra touch of color

The KEVOman, spreading stinx in your chinese cartoons since 1938.




Comments on: "Panty & Stocking – Episode 11" (7)

  1. colormekevo said:

    You sir, are a faggot ^_^

  2. OMFG! LMACO (Laughing My A$$ Completely Off)

  3. Issac said:

    Any chance of doing 720p releases of PSwG? Just starting to dl this series and I wanted to go with your subs despite no 720p releases 🙂 Just curious though!

  4. We have never felt that the raw quality was good enough to support 720p.We plan to release BD or DVD versions if they become available to us.

  5. Issac said:

    I see, awesome 😀 Your subs rock!

  6. Thanks, we enjoy working on it ^_^

  7. Doppelganger said:

    I heard ep 12 will be boat. Just how all sinners should end!

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