Adding an extra touch of color

Nuff Said.



Comments on: "Panty & Stocking – Episode 13" (8)

  1. Issac said:

    Thanks! Been waiting patiently for your release 😀

  2. colormekevo said:

    Whoa, fast on the trigger Issac..Thanks. Take a good look at “mom” this episode and tell me if they are trolln us or not..?

  3. Issac said:

    Wow did not see that coming lol. Also I subscribed to this site so I got an email right as this post was made and I just happened to be at the computer right then, that’s how I posted so fast xD

  4. Madaz75 said:

    Go Get It TEAM!!!!!

    • colormekevo said:

      Got it! The Scanty and Kneesock song is my fav besides D City Rock..Flippn awesome OST just like we thought it would be ^_^

  5. Doppelganger said:

    devil chicks song me meows!! sinners

  6. Zwei said:

    since i heard this is licensed bu CR, you may want to try this show out

    it’s Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka?

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