Adding an extra touch of color


After God Speed Subs AND ArcSubs dying, one guy decided to make a new group.


Comments on: "About" (4)

  1. DarkKing said:

    no matter what the hurdle… this guy never stops….

  2. Kid D said:

    Hey guys, just to check – is your mission statement to de-fag the latest batch of fagged up Crunchyshit scripts? Because it sure looks like it. Not that I’m complaining, au contraire – I welcome my new defag overlords.

  3. ^lol..Our mission is to try and bring you a better version of the shows we are doing.Hopefully, better encodes,better edits and better typesets.We also hope to attract a translator with our work so we can do some other projects as well.We are a group that enjoys working on anime together and wish to share it with you guys.Thank you for the support. ^_^

  4. SiegN said:

    funny story, I didnt know kevo was making a group till they released like 2 episodes.

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