Adding an extra touch of color


ColorMeKevo – Leader/TS/Timer
EienShouko – Encoder
BookKid900 – M.I.A.
DarkKing – QC and Timer
Alist1- QC
Tetsu- Edit and QC
Liaison- A bit of everything and nothing


Comments on: "Staff" (20)

  1. I am QC and backup TS… 😛

  2. Nice site 🙂

  3. EienShouko said:

    I am the Slacker and backup Slacker.

  4. DarkKing said:

    In training huh….. lol

  5. colormekevo said:

    I back up Eien on doing the job in his description.Me and DarkKing both are in training to become just like him ^_^

  6. DarkKing said:

    *sigh!* I am just QC 😦

  7. eien is a major faggot. that is all.

  8. colormekevo said:

    ^ lololololol ^_^ (for those who don’t know she was our old leader and TL)

  9. So wait. where’s the TL?

  10. Jbird1974 said:

    what up

  11. SiegN said:

    wtf is this shit

  12. Doppleganger said:


  13. I am not M.I.A.!!!!!

  14. Assasin_Cross said:


  15. I like pie

  16. I liked your site, it is really colorful as the name imply , =D

    I”m gonna wait for your TWGOK patch ..

    Keep going, waiting for your new releases , ;D

  17. SiegN said:

    ill miss you guys 😦

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